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THE work of Rosalinde van Ingen Schenau is About Time and Temporality, Life and  the Perishableness of it'

Enjoy life, it is passing fast. Death being put in perspective gains a window to here and now.






VUNERABILITY of flowers catched in cold hard metal. Flowers are used as a classical symbol for the transitional nature of life.

The silhouette of a vibrant floral piece  has been cut out of a CorTen steel surface. The sculpture is telling a story of former glory and it will change under the influence of climate and time. 




THE paintings of long gone floral pieces are based on classic Vanity with its cortege of skulls and bones, skeletons and transient elements. The colours used in life define the shade of grey. Life is also built out of bright colours. Sometimes you have to search for the colourfull pieces in daily life, but you will find them.

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